Bringing up students, who are thoughtful and considerate of the people around them,

self disciplined and forward looking.

      Thank you for visiting Miyoshi Kita Junior High School's homepage. Our school is situated

in the northern area of Miyoshi in Aichi Prefecture and has green and pleasant surroundings.

We have 482 "genki" students. Our students do their best in their studies, club and Student Council 


       Opened in 1981, Miyoshi Kita Junior High School was the second junior high school to be

built in Miyoshi and reduced the overcrowding at Miyoshi Junior High School.

       Our school district has developed steadily with the conception of Miyoshi's Northern New Town.

With the addition of surrounding areas to the school district, high numbers of new residents from 

other areas of Japan and overseas and families returning from overseas post, northern Miyoshi 

is growing   and becoming more international. As New Town grows our student numbers are also


       In the area of combined studies, including International Understanding Environmental Education,

 Welfare Education and Information Education, our school has a research group, which over the last

 three years has undertaken various studies in International Understanding. Using this as a base,

 we are continuing to think about combined studies.

        Please enjoy exploring our Miyoshi Kita Junior High School's homepage and feel free to send us 

 your opinion or feelings about it. 

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